Does it sometimes feel next to impossible finding humor in your messy life?

Do you wish you could laugh at the absurdity of our politics, our relationships, our families, our loneliness, our sexual proclivities and our rational and irrational fears?

 Do you feel like someone forgot to give you a crucial set of instructions?

Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian transgender or a combo of any of those things, you will probably not find the answers in this weekly  blog.

But hopefully you might laugh out loud once or twice and that is often better than crying or worrying or yelling at the people you love most dearly because they let you down yet again.

I have discovered I have a lot of thoughts and if I keep them to myself they become obsessive.  So now I put them in a blog.

If you like David Sedaris or Augustin Burroughs or Tyne Daly there is a good chance you will like this blog.  If you actually are Tyne Daly I think you will be flattered and a little bit nervous about how much I write about you.   If you don’t know who Tyne Daly is you may want to Google her because I use her as a reference point a lot…some would say too much.   If you like Helen Keller, we may have a problem because I find her to be smug and a bit of a know-it-all.

In this blog, I offer you my skewed look at life along with insight into my relationship with my husband during our first years as a gay married couple.

I’m also writing a memoir about my very weird upbringing.  That book will be at your local bookstore or on your mobile device as soon as I have hired enough lawyers to protect me from litigious relatives.   Until then, you can read this short blog for free every Friday.

 I think life is difficult, moving, funny and sometimes even heartwarming. Hopefully I can communicate a little of that to you and make you smile for a few minutes of your week.


1) I wrote for the cartoon Doug, the series The Secret World of Alex Mack and one episode of Sister Sister that featured the Olsen Twins.  I shook hands with both Olsen Twins.

2) I produced a series about Bigfoot and have also hosted several aftershows for the series that you can find online. I didn’t plan it. It was part of my job and I needed to make a living. I know a lot about Bigfoot.  I did not think that would be something I would ever say. When people find out I produce the show they inevitably ask, “Have you found him yet?” I don’t know how to answer that question without sounding defensive.

3) I grew up in Cincinnati Ohio and have lived in LA and New York City. Now I live in the small New Jersey town of Lambertville on the Delaware River town commute to NYC by bus. I write my On the Bus Blog on these long rides. A lot happens on a bus. You grow up fast.

4) I had sex with one of the Village People in the 80’s. It was the Cowboy. I would have preferred the Construction Worker but when opportunity comes knocking you have to grab it by the harness.

5) Along with Tyne Daly I’m obsessed with Stevie Nicks and Beatrice Arthur. I would be fine being stranded on a dessert with any or all of them. I would prefer being stranded with Stevie or Tyne since Beatrice is not alive anymore so that would be depressing.

6) My sister died in 2008 and my mom died five months after that. My dad had already died suddenly from a heart attack (and maybe just a little alcoholism) when I was seven years old. My humor is dark

7) I did not vote for Trump.

Keith Hofman